Jan 292014

RingSafe Or How To Avoid Loosing Your Ring Read Marriage Disasters

RingSafe Attached To Necklce And Keychain

Most of married us already got into situations where we had to remove our wedding rings (and NO, I am not speaking about that time when you got drunk in that shady pub …).

The RingSafe is designed to watch your back in such situations and make sure you don’t loose or damage your wedding ring (or any other rings you might wear). What we have here is a basic clasp system which will easily secure your ring and allow you to wear it on a neck chain, on your key ring or hook it up in your backpack’s pocket via a carabiner.

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Other than the obvious use of securing your ring while being in that situation you’re thinking about just now (!!!), the RingSafe might come in handy if you’re working with your hands (doctors, dentists, culinary chefs… etc), playing contact sports like basketball, soccer and any other situation when you need to remove your hand jewelry.

UPDATE – 03/23/2015 – The RingSafe was successfully funded. You can get one via the bellow Buy Now updated link.

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