Jul 192013

ProGear - The Multipurpose Bike Station

More and more people are using bikes for individual transportation, fitness and pleasure on daily bases. While there’s a plethora of gadgets to super-charge your bike, most solutions come in individual packages and tend to over-crowd your handle bar.

The ProGear Bike Station was designed around the most common biker needs – front light, smartphone charging, FM Radio, MP3 and packs all this solutions into a light package attachable to your handle bar.
The bike station is water and dust proof, features a 7,200mAh USB charger (yeap, that’s right – now you can charge your smartphone while riding your bike, use your GPS on a Quad Lock Bike Mount or work your fitness with a Wahoo Pack without fearing you’ll empty your battery), a MP3 player with microSD card slot, headphones 3.5mm jack, 3 watts loudspeaker with Enhanced Bass Sound, FM Radio and a LED bike light.

While there are some additional features I would have like seeing (think about a bike horn, a time watch or a chronometer, etc …), the ProGear has a decent set of features for the $59 price. Hopefully, improved versions with come complex feature sets will hit the market soon…

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Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

Emil is the managing editor of Cool Pile. He loves cool stuff, gadgets, gear for guys and writes about his lifestyle discoveries on daily basis. You can find Emil on Google+.

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