Aug 272013

Optrix XD Or How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Waterproof Action Camera

Optrix XD, Optrix XD5 - The iPhone Waterproof Case With Helmet Mount

Optrix XD, Optrix XD5 - iPhone 4-4S and iPhone 5 Action Camera Mount

If you’re into action cameras (eg: GoPro) just enough to want one but not enough to justify buying it (I mean the heart says yes, but the brain declines the acquisition request …) here you have an alternative solution that allows you to record your stunts using your beloved iPhone – Also check the Camera Demon Helmet Mount.

The Optrix iPhone cases are designed to use your iPhone as an action camera. The cases are crush proof and waterproof so your iPhone is well protected while you mind pulling those amazing stunts, feature a protective touchscreen membrane that allows you to fully operate your iPhone while in the case and upgrade your iPhone’s movie recording capabilities with a 175 degree wide-angle lens.

The Optrix cases come in two models – The Optrix XD designed to protect iPhone models 4 and 4S and the Optix XD5 built for iPhone 5.

$129.00 | BUY NOW – iPhone 5
$79.99 | BUY NOW – iPhone 4 and 4S


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