Jun 262014

MyFly Personalized Carry-On Luggage From Luggage Pros

Luggage Pros Custom Suitcases - Various User Models

Choosing a good travel case is never an easy job! My past experience with buying travel suitcases is not the most enjoyable to remember! I always had to make trade-offs! If it was cool enough, it was too small or too big; if it was the perfect size, it was too expensive or not high quality; if it was the right price and the right size … it scored low on the coolness factor or it was not strong enough … and so on!

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The MyFly Bag seems to be a good choice which decently answers all above issues. The suitcase comes in two versions (20″ carry-on and 24″ large format), it’s made of lightweight durable Polycarbonate front shell with ABS back shell for maximum strength and security, it sports an internal alloy telescopic handle as well as two external handles (top and side), 360 degrees spinner wheels and a multi-pocket interior lining with elastic straps to secure your stuff. The coolest feature of the MyFly suitcase is that it’s completely customizable: you can choose a custom background including full colored or patterned designs as well as add your own images to the front outer shell, which helps it score very high in coolness!

Let’s hear you in the comments … What’s your favorite design? What would you print on your suitcase?

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