Mar 202013

LoungePac - The Portable Beach Chair Featuring a Fridge, Umbrella And Sound System

Loungepac - the 22lbs Portable Beach Chair With ball bearing wheels, telescoping handle, or carry it as a backpack

The LoungePac Beach Chair reminds me the cool and funny Inspector Gadget!
Just in the same way the Inspector had a seemingly endless amount of gadgets to help him accomplish his investigations, the LoungePac offers a plethora of features for beach lovers.

ALSO CHECK the Backpack Cooler Chair, a stripped down version (kind of!!!) of the Loungepac.

The beach chair requires no assembly and it can be turned from luggage into a luxury lounge in less than 10 seconds. Here are some of it’s features:

  • Easy transportation – the beach chair features ball bearing wheels with telescoping handle to pull it as a regular luggage, or carry it as a backpack
  • Relax and enjoy the beach from the any positions – fully adjustable from seated to horizontal position
  • Enjoy a cool drink – the chair has detachable coolers (can hold 6 cans of soda or 2 bottles of wine) and cup holders
  • Don’t get sun burns – 4 Ft (that’s 1.20 meters) diameter umbrella with 360 degree mount
  • Adjustable 12″ foam pillow
  • Large storage compartment 18″ x 21″ under the seat can hold towels, blankets, books, magazines and laptops.
  • Sound system speakers available as an accessory

The Loungepac weights 22 lbs (9.9 kg) and it’s one of the most portable complete beach chair solutions we saw out-there.

$209 | BUY NOW – US Market


Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

Emil is the managing editor of Cool Pile. He loves cool stuff, gadgets, gear for guys and writes about his lifestyle discoveries on daily basis. You can find Emil on Google+.

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