Jul 242013

GoodYear AMT Self-Inflating Tires

Goodyear AMT Commercial Fleet How It Works

Goodyear AMT is an automatic tire pressure management system that makes sure you’re never caught off-guard by a pesky flat tire. Not only that, but the AMT also assures the tire pressure is optimal in order to help you improve your fuel economy, prolong the tread life and deliver an overall optimized performance.

The system features an internal sensor which, once it detects a lower than normal tire pressure, opens a regulator to allow air flow into a pumping tube actioned by the tire itself. Once the tire is back to it’s normal parameters, the regulator stops the pumping tube.

The technology is already “on the road” and Goodyear is in the last stages of testing before releasing the technology to the commercial fleet customers. Hopefully, everything will go as planned and we get to see this great technology on the consumer market as soon as possible.

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