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Billetus Maximus Minimalist Wallet Made Of Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Billetus Minimus Carbon Fiber, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Or Carbon Fiber Made minimalist Wallet

There are many minimalist wallets that hit the market lately (check the Flip n’Grip, the Essentials Wallet and the Stitch-less Leather Rivet … to name just a few) so it’s hard to believe that another new model can bring much novelty to the subject!

Well, based on the guys behind Billetus, most minimalist wallets out there seem to have a common problem: “The problem I was finding was that most have hard edges, sharp corners and are uncomfortable when I sit down in my car or at my desk” and they promise to resolve with their new wallet model: The Billetus.

The Billetus comes in two designs – Billetus Minimus (for up to 5 cards and 5 bills) and Billetus Maximus (for up to 8 cards and 5 bills), it has a slim, lightweight built made of carbon fiber, titanium or aircraft grade aluminum, comes in five colors, is RFID blocking and sports the same comfortable design with tampered edges as your ol’ worn leather wallet.

The Billetus wallets are in project mode at Kickstarter and can be secured for an early bird price of $45 US with delivery scheduled for November 2014.

Update 07/26/2015 – Please check the comments below. Many Billetus crowdfunding customers are complaining about the products not being shipped. Also, in order to have a clear idea about the situation, please check the Comments section on their crowdfunding campaign before buying or pre-ordering.

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Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

Emil is the managing editor of Cool Pile. He loves cool stuff, gadgets, gear for guys and writes about his lifestyle discoveries on daily basis. You can find Emil on Google+.

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  8 Responses to “Billetus Minimalist Wallets”

  1. interested in the billitus wallet. Are the available yet and whats the pricing on them?

    • Hi Will,
      We are not selling the Billetus wallet. is a gadgtery blog and we only featured the Billetus Wallet and presented it to our readers as a cool piece of gear – please check the manufacturer’s website for info on purchasing –

      I hope this helps.

      Emil @

  2. Billetus is a scam. He has no intentions of delivering the kickstarter rewards because quote ” billetus has ran out of money, you all have to wait till I get some more so I can finish building them. Heck he wont answer questions of backers. I suggest you do research to fish out scammers before you feature an item on your website. There’s a lot of angry betrayed backers on kickstarter.

    • I am sorry to hear about it.
      We usually carefully select the KS projects we feature and we only post about the one that look serious.

      We featured the Billetus while the campaign was active and look pretty OK at that time. I even had an email chat on this subject with it’s owner.
      I really hope he will deliver the goods as he promised.

      Emil @

  3. Billetus is not fullfilling and is ignoring the kickstarter backers who gave him $60,000 to build wallets using local vendors. After he received the payments, he decided to buy equipment he is not familiar with to manufacture himself. Billitus as a company is not good on customer support, giving out messy aluminum cases, and is trying to say he needs more profit from new R&D products to fulfill his commitments, for many months.

    • Hi Joe,
      Sorry to hear about this.

      As I received numerous negative comments about this campaign, I updated the post with a notification.
      I also asked the owner for a positioning and I will update the article with it as soon as I will get it.

      Emil @

      • Hey Emil! Did Dennis Kappin gave you an update (more like excuses) as of why he cannot deliver? The first excuse was lack of money. I believe he sells a decent amount of ” other products” on his website and Amazon, etc. There is no excuse as of why he has not delivered. The point is that his loyal backers are not his priority because he can sell the Maxx clips , so why bother to finish a more costly project? He admitted it. The Maximus wallets are more expensive than he originally planned. The sucky part is that kickstarter is not doing anything to help the backers. They just scooped their piece of the pie and told us all to take a hike. As far a I am concerned Kickstarter is a place were charlatans prey on unsuspecting victims and kickstarter is profiting as well. Most projects fail.I’ll give you that. However this project succeeded and Dennis Kapping is still hiding. Along with Kickstarter and their vanilla answers. Lets us know IF you can contact him with an “update”. Good day sir.

        • Hi SD,
          Here’s the latest update I had from Dennis. It’s from July 2015. I wrote him again today. I’ll post any answer he sends.

          Sorry again for the whole issue. I must agree KS is no longer what it used to.

          billetus [email protected] via

          Hi Emil.

          In a nutshell: this is a startup that isn’t going smoothly unfortunately. I ran out of money in January and it’s been an uphill battle since. I purchased a lot of equipment initially that just plain failed and I didn’t have the capital to continue.

          A few weeks back I developed a couple products that I’m able to sell on our site so finally we have a source of income so things are moving along again. Now, the project isn’t dead just sidetracked. I still have an obligation to my backers and I’m working everyday to make sure they orders are fulfilled. Basically these products are very very (very) late.

          Thanks for reaching out.


          Dennis Kaping

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