Dec 122013

Bike Armband Rearview Mirror By RearViz title=

RearViz Bicycle Rear View Mirror Armband

The RearViz Bike Armband Rearview Mirror is a cool safety addition to your biking gear – also check the Invisible Bicycle Helmet, the Messaging Backpack and the  Orange LED Turn Signal Bike Gloves – all designed to improve biker safety!

The armband features a collapsible convex mirror which will allow you to see what’s behind you while still keeping your eye on the road forward! The mirror is adjustable to almost any position (the armband can be moved up and down, turned inside or outside the arm and the mirror itself rotates around it’s axe) to assure the perfect viewing angle and an ergonomic riding position.

The RearViz Bike Mirror Armband is available in a range of vibrant colors including black, blue, green, orange and purple, comes with two armband sizes (short and long) and features interchangeable discs (no need to change the entire armband if you’re bored and you feel like upgrading to a different disc color).

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Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

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  One Response to “Bike Armband Rearview Mirror By RearViz”

  1. As the owner of RearViz thank you so much for such a great review.
    The team at RearViz ar working hard to get the word out about our innovative product and we are wondering if you have seen the interchangleable Uni-Mount for cameras it has the 360 degree functionality as the mirror does so it is great to use with the GoPro etc.

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