Jun 202013

The PocketPlug iPhone Cases

PocketPlug iPhone Cases - How It Works - USB Plug, Audio Enhancer, Quick Charging Technology

iPhone cases creators get more and more creative with every new model they push on the market. Most cases, not only they protect your precious smartphone, but they also offer additional features and systems to improve your overall “smartphoning” experience – eg: the Beamhaus iPhone 5 Wallet Sleeve, the TaskOne Multi-tool Case, or the PowerBot extended battery iPhone case.

The PocketPlug iPhone Case is an ingenious cover that does what every other case or smartphone in this world should do by it self – provide charging capabilities on the go.

The case is available for iPhone 4/4S and for iPhone 5 and it features two foldable prongs that allow plugging into a wall socket and charging your smartphone without any additional gear. When you need to charge your phone, simply pull out the prongs and stick the case into the electrical outlet. When you finished charging, fold down the prongs and you’re ready to go.
So, basically, your case becomes your charger. No more wasted time to look for the charger or the USB cables, no more bad surprises realizing you forgot the charger at home, no more wasted space in that already crowded bag of yours! One simple case to take care of it!

Another cool feature of the PocketPlug is that it also enhances your iPhone’s audio by redirecting the speaker sound from the back of your iPhone to the front. This way, the sound become much louder and clearer.

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