Sep 212013

Samsung Galaxy Gear - Smartwatch Or Smartphone Satellite Uni

Samsung Galaxy Gear - Multi Color Smartwatch

After a lot of hype and wait, Samsung finally released their smartwatch model – The Samsung Galaxy Gear.
The smartwatch is able to do a lot of cool things like: show time (dah!!!), take pics, allow you to place and receive calls, act as a remote control for your smartphone’s music player, display and send text massages and many more…

While I must admit the Galaxy Gear has a nice design and looks pretty impressive from a features point of view I was disappointed when reading the news. I was expecting a smartwatch not a smartphone satellite unit. You now? The kind that can replace my smartphone when I do not feel like carrying it on me, a gadget to keep on my wrist and use when I go jogging, when I go clubbing or when I go out in the park…

I was expecting something fancier and better than the Neptune Pine (which is a full featured smartwatch running Android available on the market since more than 6 months ago) or the Chinese Touch Wristwatches which sell since at least 3 years ago …

But why rush? Maybe next year I’ll be able to go out without my 5″ brick in my pocket … Don’t get me wrong, I love my smartphone, but sometimes I only need it to place a couple of calls or send some SMS …  but I still have to carry the entire 5″ brick on me …

What’s your take on it? Is the Samsung Galaxy Gear what you expected? Is it a Smartwatch Or a Smartphone Satellite Unit?

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Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

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