Feb 222013

The R2-D2 Wall Projector Alarm Clock Helps You Wake Up In Star Wars Style

For all of you Star Wars fans out there – Our bellowed R2-D2 is ready to use his beeps and whistles to wake you up every morning. Not only that, but when the alarm clock goes off, it also projects the actual time onto the wall or ceiling! – also check out other featured items from the Star Wars collection.

Apart the obvious waking up skills, the R2-D2 alarm clock also features an hourly chime, time projection at the touch of a button, LCD screen which display the date and the time) and position angle adjustment.

R2-D2 makes sure you’ll never be late again and that nasty storm trooper boss of yours will no longer complain about you starting work at the scheduled time!

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Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

Emil is the managing editor of Cool Pile. He loves cool stuff, gadgets, gear for guys and writes about his lifestyle discoveries on daily basis. You can find Emil on Google+.

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