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Phone Blocks - The Lego Modular Smartphone System That Allows You Easy Upgrades and Repairs

Phone Blocks - Component Blocks Layout

Phone Blocks - Customize Your Own Smartphone - Big Camera, Cloud Processing, Extended Battery

Phone Blocks is a modular smartphone system that allows unlimited personalization, easy repairs and quick upgrades – also check the Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 and the Obento Note – two other cool modular concept gadgets.
It’s creator, Dave Hakkens, designed the Phone Blocks based on the Lego principle – a main board full of connection plugs allows combining different pre-made pieces and building a smartphone completely personalized. Here are some examples of what you can pull with Phone Blocks:

  • You’re into photography? Grab a powerful camera module, extended battery and some extra storage and you’re set for a nice photo session…
  • You need more power? Get a more powerful processor, more RAM and more storage
  • Simple needs? Drop all the gadgets and go for a long battery life …

Other cool applications of the Phone Blocks system are easy upgrades that allow your smartphone to keep up with the ever changing technology and easy repairs – which allow you to only change the module which broke (the common screen cracks fall into this last category).

Phone Blocks will be accompanied by Blockstore, which wants to be a block market just as most today’s app stores, that will allow various manufacturers to build specific phone modules for upgrades and repairs.

The Phone Blocks is in project mode. It’s developer is working on getting as much attention as possible. If you like the idea, simply share it further to raise awareness or help him directly via his Thunderclap project page …

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