Jun 132013

Orico 4 Port USB Charging Station For Smartphones, Tables And USB Gadgets

Orico Charging Station - Front and Top Views and Inputs

I used to own a cell phone. Then, I upgraded for a smartphone. Then I convinced my bellowed wife. Then, the kid wanted a tablet. Then my smartphone broke and I replaced it with a newer model (but, I still use the as remote control for my PC media station). I also use an USB powered small MP3 player (for when I go jogging) and a USB rechargeable Flashlight. That’s a lot of USB charging devices. While USB charging is very convenient as basically you need one charger to power all your gadgets, things do not work always like this.

I believe all gadgets have a dark side!!! I don’t know about you, but my Android dies when I need it the most, then, if I take the tablet, somehow the dark side arranges that the battery starts beeping in seconds, then I take the other smartphone (the one used as remote control) and it is dying too!!! Now … try charging them with that one charger available!!!

So, all this to to tell you about the Orico 4 Port USB DC Charging Station. The unit allows charging 4 USB devices at the same time and has two power output levels: two USB ports 5V/2A and other two 5V/1A – That’s enough power to provide a speedy charging (eg: an iPhone battery will take around 1.5 hours from no battery at all to 100%).
The charging station is made of high quality fire-resistant and high temperature-resistant ABS engineering plastic and it has built-in Over-current, Leakage and Short-Circuit protection.

So, if your gadgets have a dark side too, take a minute and check the Orico Charging Station as well as the Griffin Powerdock 5 and the Aviiq Portable Charging Station.

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