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Micro-Phone - The Credit Card Sized Cell Phone In Your Wallet

Micro-Phone - The Wallet Tiny Cell Phone Sizes and Measurements

Micro-Phone Various Views Compared With a Credit Card - Black and White

By know, you should have noticed I am in love with wallet sized gear and gadgets. I find them amazing and, as you always have to carry a wallet, you can easily have them with you anytime – check out these cool findings – the Wallet Battery, Credit Card Sized USB Cable, the Carzor and the Cardsharp2 wallet knife.

We are used using our smartphones for 1,001 other activities than basic voice communications. From internet to movie watching, from playing MP3’s to GPS navigation … But, there are some times when we just need a plain, simple phone, which does not take much space in your pocket and can help you keep basic SMS and voice contact with friends, family and coworkers.

For those moments, and not only, take a look at the credit card sized Micro-Phone.
Just like the Phone Strap 2 Mini Cell Phone we featured a while ago, the Micro-Phone offers most of the basic functions of a cell phone – calls, SMS, tasks, calendar, calculator, contacts – all by kiping a minimalist form factor. Here are some of the Micro-Phone‘s features:

  • Operates in any GSM network (850/900/1800/1900 bands)
  • Operates with regular SIM cards (if you have a micro or nano SIM an adapter will be included in the package)
  • Slick design to fit in your wallet
  • 1.8″ LCD
  • Li-Io rechargeable battery (offers up to 21 days of standby)
  • Micro USB charging connector (this means you can use any of your existing chargers to power the Micro-Phone).
  • Locator function – allows you to track the user via an Smartphone app – eg: track your 8 years old son, your Alzheimer sick grand parent, or your wife when traveling at night.

The Micro-Phone is in project stage at Indiegogo with an estimate delivery for August 2013 and the minimum pledge of $49 will allow you to get it at an early bird price (regular pricing will turn around $89 US).

What’s your take on it? Do you see any advantages of owning a Micro-Phone (along with your regular smartphone)? Would you leave your “Precious” at home and take the Micro-Phone for a ride?

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  1. I enjoyed your article almost as much as I like wallet-sized gadgets. However, there was a small error, I think. The part where it said “or you’re wife when traveling at night” should be “or your wife…”
    Feel free to later erase this comment, and keep up the good work.

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