Apr 042013

Meet The PowerFlask - The Flask Shaped 13,000mAh Extended Battery Pack

Power Flask - 13,000mAh Power Bank, Extended Battery Pack

Hi capacity extended battery packs get cheaper and cheaper witrh every day. This is good news, as most power hungry gadgets of the today’s world simply can’t make it through the day on their regular included batteries – also check the Trent NT120T Extended Battery and the Credit Card Sized Battery Pack.

The PowerFlask is a stylish, pocket friendly battery extension to help you power all your gadgetry while on the go.
With 13,000mAh of mobile power and 3 USB slots to charge 3 devices simultaneously, the PowerFlask can power anything that charges via USB – iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android and Blackberry smartphones and tablets, MP3 players, Nokia, HTC, LG … you name it. 13,000mAh will offer between 5-7 iPhone (or any other smartphone) full charges.

While there are many extended battery packs out there,. what sets the PowerFlask apart of the crowd is it’s nice looking cool flask style, as well as a reasonable price for the included power.

$89.95 | BUY NOW


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