Dec 122013

Marauder  - The All Terrain Ten Ton Military Behemoth

Marauder By Paramount Group Passing Through Brick Wall

Marauder - Ten Ton Military Vehicle - Real Size Compared To Other Vehicles On The Road

Here’s a cool piece of military machinery! The Marauder is a 10 ton military vehicle equipped to face some of the most unpredictable field situations – also check the Ghe-O Motors Ultimate Utilitarian Vehicle and 6×6 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Desert Beast we featured earlier.

Here are some of the Marauder’s impressive specs:

  • Two Diesel engine versions: Cummins ISBe4-300 Diesel (221kW/300hp @ 2500rpm, 1100Nm @ 1200-1800rpm) and MAN D0836LOH Diesel (176kW/240hp @ 2300rpm, 925Nm @ 1200-1800rpm)
  • Operational range: 435mi (700Km) – long range fuel tanks can be added for an extra 310mi (500km) range
  • Maximum speed: 100km/h – 120km/h based on the used tire type
  • Increased versatility – it can be produced for infantry, command center and even ambulance
  • Can survive explosions of 14kg of TNT under it’s wheels and 7kg under it’s hull
  • Can operate in temperatures between -32°C and +55°C
  • Special ‘run flat’ tire inserts – the Marauder can drive for an extra 50Km even if it’s tires were blown by 12.7mm bullets

Check out the above video featuring UK’s BBC Top Gear show taking the Marauder for a demo ride around the town!

Let’s hear you in the comments … What are your thoughts about the Marauder?

Thanks Radu B. For Sharing.


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