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iPhone Pico Projector Pico Genie A100 Doubles As Protection Case and Extended Battery

iPhone Pico Genie A100 Projector - USB Charger, Extended Rechargeable 1900mAh Li-Ion battery, Protection Case, Focus Wheel, Volume Control

Portable projectors capable to connect with your iPhone and project it’s screen content on an outside surface are great additions to your gear arsenal. Either you use them for professional reasons (to project a PowerPoint presentation to a customer, use them as coaching tool or simply share documents with your co-workers) or for personal situations as playing movies or playing games projected on a big screen – the pico projectors become more and more a must for all of us – also check our previous featured pico projectors: WowWee 8410 Cinemin Swivel and the i20 by Aiptek.

The A100 Pico Genie has a plethora of features which should make you take it in consideration if you’re in the market for an iPhone projector. Here are a brief overview of them:

  • No need to carry an additional projector with you – the A100 is included in your iPhone’s case
  • DLP Projection up to 60″ (152 cm) diagonal with 640×360 resolution
  • Lamp lifespan – 20,000-30,000 hours
  • Manual focus allows you to adjust the image clarity
  • Built-in 2W speakers
  • Rechargeable 1900mAh Li-Ion battery – allows 3 hours of continuous projection

The beauty of the Pico Genie A100 is that it is not only a simple iPhone pico DLP projector – it also doubles as protective iPhone case for your gadget and an extended battery (the projector’s battery will also power the iPhone if needed).

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