Aug 142013

Hyetis Crossbow - The 41 Megapixels Camera Wristwatch

Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch - Front and Back View

Hyetis Smartwatch Crossbow - Side, Front View, 41MP Camera, Flash, Optical Zoom, Wristband

With all the buzz going on lately around smartwatches, we welcome the Swiss manufacturer Hyetis’s first super-smartwatch – the Crossbow. We are looking forward to see this impressive piece of gadgetry hitting the markets – also check the CooKoo personal wrist assistant and the The Neptune Pine. While they’re not as complex and developed as the Crossbow, they offer reliable cheaper alternatives offering some of Hyetis Watch‘s basic features.

The Hyetis Crossbow sports an impressive set of specs packed in a light, wristwatch shape:

  • 41 Megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss Optics
  • Optical zoom and flash
  • High resolution microphone with noise suppression
  • NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for pairing with your smartphone
  • Instant sharing function via the smartphone connection
  • On-Board enviromental sensors: GPS position, Temperature, Altitude, Depth, Biometric information (the biometric sensor is integrated in to the watch’s band and will pick up info about the wearer’s physical health and condition)
  • Android, iOS, Windows 8 fully compatible
  • Swiss automatic movement with analog hands
  • Sapphire glass
  • Digital dial display positioned under the mechanical arms
  • Double battery to provide up to four days of autonomy
  • Upgradable – as Hyetis declares: “in the future the only thing that will be stable in terms of technology is your automatic movement

The Hyetis Crossbow will sell for a hefty price of $1,200 and the first batch will be limited to 500 units.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments – what’s your take on this new breed of super-smartwatches?

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