Jan 292013

Credit Card Sized Backup Battery Pack For Micro USB Smartphones - Android, Blackberry

Mini Credit Card Size Battery Charger For Micro USB Smartphones - Android and Blackberry

Once I was looking to buy binoculars. While I was checking the online forums for reviews, I got onto the best piece of advice I could ever get “The best binoculars are those that you have with you”!! Wow … How powerful is that? Since than, this advice influenced many of my purchasing decisions.
Think about it … how many times you wanted to have that super DSLR with you, or the brand new shinny iPad, or the 6″ GPS unit, or those military grade binoculars … to find out that you left it at home for the convenience of not carrying it with you all day long…

You might wonder what the link between buying binoculars and smartphone backup batteries? Well … The best backup battery is the one you have with you! Most backup batteries are bulky and you have to worry about carrying another “gadget” in your pockets. It’s easy to forget about them and, when you need them, to simply realize that your backup is at home, charging.

Things are different with the Credit Card Sized Backup Battery. Once charged, you can simply slide it in your wallet and keep it there until needed. The backup gives you an additional hour of usage for most smartphones out there. It is compatible with Android and Blackberry smartphone, and basically any phone / gadget that uses a micro USB port for charging (iPhone users can use it via additional plug convertors).
The backup battery has a micro USB cable included, is covered by a Lifetime Warranty and features the following sizes: 3 1/4″ W x 2″ H x 1/4″ D. (1 oz.) – that’s 8.25W x 5.08H x 0.63D (28 grams) for our European visitors.

Chances you will forget your wallet at home are mince, so getting a credit card sized backup battery will make you the owner of the best battery backup up pack ever (for the simple fact that you will always have it with you)!

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