Apr 112014

Helios - The Smart Bike Handlebars!

Helios THE DROP BAR And THE BULLHORN Bike Handle Bars And iPhone App

Helios is an impressive new bicycle accessory that aims to turn your bike into a connected “smart” bike.
The handlebar comes in two versions: The Bullhorn and the Drop Bar and sports a great kit of features designed to improve your biking experience: a 500 lumen LED light built-in the bar will help you light your way in the night, proximity sensor which will turn ON and OFF your bike lights based on your presence near the the bicycle, two back lights (positioned in the back-facing side of the handlebar) can be used for turn signals, visual speedometer (the light changes color based on your actual speed) and ambient lightning. As this was not enough, a low-power GPS unit in the handlebar will help you track your whereabouts, get turn-by-turn navigation instruction (the back-facing handlebar lights will let you know where to turn left or right) and track your bike in case it’s stolen (simply slide a SIM card into the handle and, by simply sending and SMS the bike will reply sending you a Google maps link with your bicycle’s location). How cool is that?

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Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

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  2 Responses to “Helios – The Smart Bike Handlebars”

  1. Ride Helios are thieves and they’ve stolen my money – that’s the only thing they did! They didn’t reply to my emails when I want my money back after 18 month! I went to the police today. Hope that their company will be closed soon. Don’t send money to Helios – you’ll not get anything and your money is in their pockets. That’s how Helios makes money.

    • Sorry to hear about that Stefan.
      I approved your comment so people interested in this product can take into account when ordering.
      I also sent an email to the company asking them to investigate your situation. Hopefully, they’ll take a look at it and get back to you with a solution.

      Emil @ CoolPile

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