Jun 182013

Chameleon X-1 Gamepad Mouse - Work And Play Like A Boss

Chameleon X-1 Gaming Mouse Top, Side View, Side Buttons, Scroll Wheel

Game Controller Chameleon X-1 16 Buttons, 2 Analog Sticks Button Layout

The Chameleon X-1 is an ingenious new breed of gadget that combines a PC/MAC mouse with a gamepad and wireless presenter in one device. When using the X-1 as a mouse, you get an ergonomic plug-and-play device with 7 programmable buttons and a scroll wheel perfect for usage with laptops or desktop based computers.

The device features a control button that allows easy switching between the the three modes. Once the switch is turned on gamepad, the gadget becomes a wireless game controller featuring 16 buttons and two analog sticks. As wireless presenter, the Chameleon X-1 allows you to control Microsoft’s PowerPoint to advance and return slides and operate as a PC remote with media center controller functions such play and pause, volume, track forward and back, and more. The Mouse-Gamepad-Presenter features an internal storage place for it’s nano-receiver, is powered by one AA battery, and, if you use a rechargeable battery, you can even recharge it via the included USB cable without the hassles of removing it every time you need extra power.

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