Oct 252013

Business Card Stylus - Keep It In Your Wallet, Use It With You Smartphone Or Hand It Out To Contacts

Cipher Stylus Business Card - Tablet Usage, Wallet gear

I am not a big fan of using a stylus on smartphones and tablets. I tried that for a couple of days an I always found myself loosing the stylus. Although i would probably never use a stylus again (unless something drastically changes actual technology and the stylus becomes THE only input ay possible) I have top admit that the Stylus Business Card idea is pretty cool.

There are a handful of things to take in consideration: many people like using a stylus; many people (if not all) carry a wallet on daily bases; many professionals hand out business cards; most business cards out there are boring. The Cypher business cards stylus addresses them all and pulls a nice gadget to hand out to your customers and business partners. I bet they’ll all remember who gave it to them… – also check these other cool wallet gadgets – the WiFlux Smartphone Charger and the CarZor the Wallet Shaver.

There’s also a bad news coming with it. And No, the bad news it’s not it’s $4 US price tag although that’s not very exiting either!!! The bad news is that the Cipher is only in project mode and we don’t know when or if it’ll ever be released to the market!

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