Sep 292014

Bugatti Gangloff Supercar Concept Front Grill In Driving
Bugatti Gangloff Supercar Concept by Pawel Czyzewski Back In Driving

If the “World’s Fastest Car”, the Bugatti’s Veyron is not cool enough for you and you’re still looking for a dream supercar to impress your pack, please stop by and take a look at the cool Gangloff Concept!

The Bugatti Gangloff Concept is designed by the pOlish card designer Pawel Czyzewski and combines elements from the famous Veyron with the classic Bugatti Type 57 Coupe, 1938 Atlante.



1938 Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe Vs Bugatti Gangloff Concept by Pawel Czyzewski

Bugatti Gangloff Concept Vs 1938 Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe - Front And Back Views

Pawel Czyzewski Supercar Concept Bugatti Gangloff - Front, Side, Back View Pictures

Bugatti Gangloff Concept - Exterior And Interior Pictures, Dashboard - Sapphire Blue, Flame BlackSky White, Golden Brown, Silver Rain

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