Mar 082013

BlueID - Bluetooth Smart Car Operation, Keyless Drive, Keyless Engine Start and Kill

Bluetooth SMART is a low energy technology that allows further usage of the classic Bluetooth. Also known as Bluetooth 4.0, it offers manufacturers the possibility to incorporate new functionality in their gadgets.

One of such new gadgets based on Bluetooth Smart is the BlueID that proposes car operation via Bluetooth.
Wait a sec … we’re not thinking James Bond here … yet. The BlueID app is designed to lock and unlock the doors of your car as well as start or kill the engine remotely.

We see a nice future to this kind of technology – think keyless driving, thing easy car sharing, car renting, seamless car unlocking in case you loose your smartphone (enter the pin into another phone that has the app, turn on the Bluetooth and you’re ready to go)… etc. Of course … there’s also the dark side of it, so the technology needs to assure extended security to make sure your car stays safe in the parking ans no-one drives it away!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – would you entrust the access to your car to such smartphone app?

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