Apr 252014

AyeGear 22 - The Ultimate Traveler Jacket 22 Pockets For iPhone, iPad, Passport, MP3, Wallet And Other Gear - Interior And Exterior View

AyeGear 22 Pockets Jacket - Water Resistant, Bulge Free, Geek Traveler Jacket - Front, Back And Sides View

Traveling for business or even pleasure is no longer an easy job! Especially when all air travel companies are constantly cutting luggage limits and thieves waiting for a second of inattention to lift your wallet, iPhone or passport. So, what do you do?

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Built on the same idea as the Jaktogo wearable luggage, the AyeGear 22 is designed to let you carry and keep safe all your precious geeky gear. The jacket is waterproof, so all your gadgets are safe even if it rains, comes with a warm fleece inner for cold weather, can be machine washed and features 22 pockets which can hold smaller stuff (wallet, smartphone, keys, pens, money, ID cards and wallets) and can easily accommodate bigger sized gear (binoculars, water bottle). Two special designed pockets allow you to safely carry a even bigger gadgets such as a tablet (in front) and a laptop up to 15-in (backpocket).

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Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

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  2 Responses to “AyeGear 22 – The Ultimate Traveler Jacket (22 Pockets)”

  1. just a little comment there – Jaktogo is luggage item, this is a gadget carrier. The idea is great no doubt but totally different than the Jaktogo! Luggage, as in clothes is totally different than gadgets, as in phones, tablets, keys etc, agree?

    • Hi guys,

      Thanks for commenting.
      Of course the AyeGear 22 is “totally different” than the Jaktogo (one targets luggage, the other one gadgetry) – but it remains both products use the same basic principle – stash as many pieces of gear as possible in your jacket’s pockets! So, “totally different”, but sharing the same idea???

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