May 082014

ALYT Or How To Turn Your House Into A Self-Learning Smart And Secure Home

ALYT Home Automation And Security Self-Learning System By Luca Gaetano Capula

Remember the Jetsons? I was always amazed by how automated and technologically-infused was their home and I always wanted to have a such home “when I grow up”. Well … years passed, I grew up and I have my own home. But guess what! Other than small techy stuff and some gadgets which try “cooperate” with each other, nothing impressive around!

This is one of the main reasons the ALYT got my attention! While it will surely not transform you into George Jetson, nor will bring Rosie and Astro the Dog to your bellowed home, the ALYT can do a lot of things to automate stuff around and secure your home. And … did I tell you it learns by itself from your habits? How cool is that?

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The ALYT is an Android powered hub which can do anything as long as a developer creates an app for it! It can be controlled via Android smartphones and iPhone, works over IR, DLNA, WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, Z-Wave, 3.5G, can do face and voice recognition … just about anything you can think of … as long as there’s an app for it!!!
Here are some cool example of what it’s already capable of doing: alert you when you run out of milk, let you know to take your umbrella or your sunglasses when you leave home, make sure your alarm system is ON, set the right temperature for when you get home (yeap … it turns on the AC, the heating or even the fireplace if needed).

The ALYT is in project mode over at Indiegogo (they have already received over 67k in donations towards their 100k goal) and you can secure a home automation kit starting as low as $99 US. There are multiple automation and security kits available for various needs – hit the jump, check them out and, if you like them, help the guys from ALYT make Jetson’s home come true …

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