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41 Functional Cufflinks In James Bond Style

While cufflinks are not mandatory every time you wear a dress suit, they can be an amazing opportunity to tell people around  something about you! And not only, sometimes, they can be a real life saver! From danger whistles to USB storage, from calendar to carpenter levels and rulers, from thermometers to cigar punches, lighters and dices, these little stylish accessories can help you save the day!

For that matter we compiled below the coolest functional cufflinks we found around! Check them out below and let us know what’s your favorite pair of cufflinks!

1) Sparrows Uncuff Links

Sparrows Uncuff Links

$59Buy It Now! or read the complete What? You Found James Bond’s Cufflinks? Show ’em to me … post we featured earlier.

2) FACA Adjustable Date Cufflinks

FACA Adjustable Date Cufflinks

$60Buy It Now! or read the complete FACA Adjustable Date Cufflinks post we featured earlier.

3) Ravi Ratan Polished Silver Oval Cufflinks With WIFI Hotspot and 2GB USB Storage

Ravi Ratan Polished Silver Oval Cufflinks With WIFI Hotspot and 2GB USB Storage

$200Buy It Now! or read the complete WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks With 2GB Data Storage Drive by Ravi Ratan post we featured earlier.

4) Level Men Cufflinks With Presentation Gift Box

Level Men Cufflinks With Presentation Gift Box
Level Green Liquid Cufflinks with a Presentation Gift Box

$24.99Buy It Now!

5) Traveler’s Functional Cufflinks Gift Box

Traveler's Functional Cufflinks Gift Box
Traveler Cufflinks Kit With Working Watch, Thermometer, Compass and Steampunk Spinning Globe 4 Pairs With Presentation Gift Box

$99.99Buy It Now!

6) Functional Whistle Men Cufflinks

Functional Whistle Men Cufflinks
Always keep this pair of whistle cufflinks handy at your wrists so when chaos strikes at the office you can be the referee and blow the whistle to settle things down

$28.99Buy It Now!

7) Cigar Punch Cufflinks

Cigar Punch Cufflinks
No more trying to get a hole in the back of your cigar like you’re MacGyver; just pop a cufflink off and let it do the work.

$29.95Buy It Now!

8) Silver Tone Fold Out Functional Ruler Cufflinks

Silver Tone Fold Out Functional Ruler Cufflinks
Measure everything with your brand new shiny ruler cufflinks!

$5.99Buy It Now!

9) Functional Soccer Field Cufflinks

Functional Soccer Field Cufflinks
Enjoy your free moments during the day with these awesome soccer game cufflinks!

$50Buy It Now!

10) Custom Cufflinks With Personalized Photos

Custom Cufflinks With Personalized Photos
This photograph themed cufflink is made from high quality rhodium silver. It features a durable acrylic glass cover that can be unscrewed to place a small photograph. Memorable moments will surely be unforgettable with these Cuffs!

$17.99Buy It Now!

11) Pill Box Cufflinks

Pill Box Cufflinks
Pill Box cufflinks are designed with a functional screw top so you can discreetly carry your medication in a convenient and classy way. Bullet back closure.

$84.95Buy It Now!

12) Functional Decision Making Cufflinks

Functional Decision Making Cufflinks
Why not let the good ‘ol Decision Maker Cufflinks call the tough shots?

$225Buy It Now!

13) Working Dice Cufflinks

Working Dice Cufflinks
Perfect for anyone who loves Craps and other dice games in Las Vegas. These actually work so they’ll provide lots of fun. Ships in a gift box.

$29.99Buy It Now!

14) Functional Sterling Silver Compass Cuff Links

Functional Sterling Silver Compass Cuff Links
These Compass Cuff links are made of 100% Authentic 925 Sterling Silver while the compass itself is made of resin. These compass cuff links really work!

$54.99Buy It Now!

15) iCufflinks Pulsing LED Cufflinks

iCufflinks Pulsing LED Cufflinks
Sophisticated. Modern. Open Source. Gorgeously machined aluminum with a subtle pulsating LED. Perfect for Father’s day or for that geek who loves technology and needs to get dressed up for a special event.

$128Buy It Now!

16) OK Stamp Cufflinks

OK Stamp Cufflinks
A perfect marriage of fun and function, use these rubber stamp cufflinks to leave your mark on your most important documents.

$41.99Buy It Now!

17) Secret Message Cufflinks

Secret Message Cufflinks
James Bond would love these! These personalized Secret Agent Cufflinks come in a handsome gift box and include a secret compartment! Unscrew these tubular-shaped silver-toned accessories and hide a personal note for the recipient.

$50Buy It Now!

18) White Led Light Up Functional Cufflinks

White Led Light Up Functional Cufflinks
Here are a unique pair of functional white LED Cufflinks. Cufflinks light up when you twist the circular back setting. Standard lithium batteries are included. Strike the coolness of white with these cuffs

$29.99Buy It Now!

19) Matches And Tobacco Cufflink

Matches And Tobacco Cufflink
Not only you’ll strenghten your decision to quit smoking, but you’ll be sure to strike up plenty of warm conversation with these Pandora’s Box Matches and Tobacco cufflinks

$175Buy It Now!

20) Ox And Bull Trading Co Sterling Silver 16GB USB Cufflinks

Ox And Bull Trading Co Sterling Silver 16GB USB Cufflinks
A modern “twist” on a classic style, the Ox and Bull Trading Co. Sterling Silver 16GB USB Cufflinks are here to always store and keep your data at hand … literally!

$99.95Buy It Now!

21) Protractor And Triangle Ruler Functional Cufflinks

Protractor And Triangle Ruler Functional Cufflinks
Unique yet fashionable pair of Rhodium plated metal cufflinks featuring a protractor and a triangle ruler.

$46Buy It Now!

22) The SmartMan Men’s Functional Abacus Cufflinks

The SmartMan Men's Functional Abacus Cufflinks
Run some quick calculations during your errands with these cool Abacus Cufflinks!

$7.78Buy It Now!

23) Real Dice Colour Cufflinks

Real Dice Colour Cufflinks
Always be ready to make an extra buck and win a quick bet with these awesome Dice Cufflinks!

$164Buy It Now!

24) Mood Mechanical Cufflinks

Mood Mechanical Cufflinks
Have you heard the expression, “wearing your heart on your sleeve?” Well, Robert Tateossian has created the perfect way to express yourself with these beautiful yet humorous mood mechanical cuff links.

$140Buy It Now!

25) Functional Miniature Roulette Cufflinks

Functional Miniature Roulette Cufflinks
Test your luck with this functional miniature roulette cufflink. This cufflink is embedded on a round rhodium silver with a bearing ball enclosed inside the glass case mount. A great gift for casino lovers.

$13.99Buy It Now!

26) Real Screwdriver Cufflinks

Real Screwdriver Cufflinks
How often do you find yourself in need of a screwdriver to make a quick repair on something? There never seems to be one handy! With these functional screwdriver cufflinks, you’ll always be at the ready!

$29Buy It Now!

27) Personalised Silver Coordinates Cufflinks

Personalised Silver Coordinates Cufflinks
Handmade from sterling silver, these stunning cufflinks feature the coordinates of your special chosen location (or locations) with a central compass design. A hidden message can also be engraved on the reverse of the cufflinks – something between just you and the wearer. This could be a special date, or a message from you to them.

$129.97Buy It Now!

28) Butterfly Knife Cufflinks

Butterfly Knife Cufflinks
Not only are these cufflinks functional butteryfly knives, but they’re also a sweet looking accessory for the well-dressed man. Each pair comes with a sharpener so you can keep them ready for use (maybe that wedding is serving miniature prime rib, ever think about that?) and the small lock keeps them closed when you’re wearing them

$59.95Buy It Now!

29) Cufflinks Inc Men’s Decision Critical Cufflinks

Cufflinks Inc Men's Decision Critical Cufflinks
Mixed pair of decision making cufflinks features one that says “Accepted” and the other says “Declined”. Imagine the fun around the office.

$49.95Buy It Now!

30) Cuff-Daddy Working Watch Men’s Cufflinks

Cuff-Daddy Working Watch Men's Cufflinks
Fashioned from silver-tone, these have actual working clocks as each cufflink. Your local jeweler can even change the battery just like it was a wrist watch. Cufflinks include batteries as well as handsome gift box.

$49.99Buy It Now!

31) Tateossian Men’s Thermometer Cufflinks

Tateossian Men's Thermometer Cufflinks
These highly polished rhodium plated cufflinks feature a fully functional thermometer.

$225Buy It Now!

32) Miniature Horseshoe Cufflinks

Miniature Horseshoe Cufflinks
Everybody knows horseshoes bring luck! So get this pair of cool cufflinks, go play the lottery and, when you win the big lot, don’t forget my cut!!!

$16Buy It Now!

33) Circular Spirit Level Cufflinks

Circular Spirit Level Cufflinks
These Stylish Spirit Level Cufflinks are made to the highest standard and presented in a beautiful gift box.

$19.26Buy It Now!

34) Like Dislike Facebook Cufflinks

Like Dislike Facebook Cufflinks
Grant yourself the ability to set your mood via your cuff. Featuring the “like” button on one cufflink and the sometimes very necessary “dislike” button on the opposite cufflink, Like Dislike Facebook Cufflinks are the perfect novelty pair for a social media addict such as yourself!

$50Buy It Now!

35) DC Comics Superman Rubber Stamp Cufflinks

DC Comics Superman Rubber Stamp Cufflinks
Save the world and seal the deal with these cool DC Comics Superman rubber stamp cufflinks!

$78.34Buy It Now!

36)Functional Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks

Functional Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks
Completely functional Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks are the ultimate accessory to take you from the office to happy hour in style.

$50Buy It Now!

37) Wynnstay Designs Men Lighter Cufflinks

Wynnstay Designs Men Lighter Cufflinks
The cufflinks are made of stainless steel, are refillable, and use a flint igniter. They are assembled and tested in Canada, come packaged in a stylish cufflink box, and are shipped fully assembled to North American customers.

$59Buy It Now!

38) 18 Carat White Gold And Diamonds Secret Compartment Cufflinks

18 Carat White Gold And Diamonds Secret Compartment Cufflinks
The Cufflinks are made of 18 kt. white gold and set with black diamonds on top and white diamonds on the B.

$TBABuy It Now!

39) Pocket Knife Cufflinks

Pocket Knife Cufflinks
Cool knife cufflinks, approximately 7/8″ x 3/8″o, open clasp to release blade and bullet back closure.

$99.95Buy It Now!

40) QR Code Cufflinks

QR Code Cufflinks
Simply scan the QR code on your smart phone and you will be taken directly to the URL indicated in the bar coding. Also available in custom runs (30 pairs minimum) allowing you to designate the URL that the cufflinks point to when scanned by a QR code reader.

$50Buy It Now!

41) Square Ball Game Cufflinks

Square Ball Game Cufflinks
Spend your spare time during the day with these cuul Square Ball Game Cufflinks. The links measur approx 18mm x 12mm and Rhodium plated and come with a 2 years warranty.

$15.02Buy It Now!

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