Dec 212012

Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 2012 model Side

Nike chose December 21st to release the latest Nike Air Jordan Retro 11. We don’t question the date, but we just can’t stop thinking if there’s any relation between the Mayan end of world and this release.

Nike releases the famous Air Jordan 11 basketball sneakers every year since 1995. The initial model was designed by Tinker Hatfield waiting for Michael Jordan to comeback to basketball (from his baseball carrier).

The 2012 Jordan 11 is the bellowed Bred model. The upper part of the shoe is black (with the Jumpman logo in red on the heel). The mudguard is made of shiny black leather while the outsole is red with black patterns.

If you’re on the market for one these pairs, we strongly advise you to hurry up. The model hit the markets today – December 21st 2012, and we’re sure it’ll fly away very quick.

$185 | BUY NOW – be patient, the web page is slow to open
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Dec 172012

Dragon NFX Ski Snowboard  Goggles Yellow Blue Ionized

Less high tech than the Oakley Airwave and the Bluetooth Ski Goggles, the Dragon NFX winter sports goggles still pack a lot of punch. Here are of the characteristics that will make you consider getting a pair:

  • Frameless technology (patented)
  • Armored venting
  • 4 Layer sweat absorption foam
  • Anti-fog lenses (colored and clear goggle lenses included)
  • 100% UV protection
  • At last, but not the least – they’re cool … especially the Blue Ionized ones
$160+ | BUY NOW
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Dec 142012

Kobe Bryant vs Leo Messi ... Who'll Win This One

Beautiful advertising clip from the Turkish Airways featuring two of the best sport players on the field today – Kobe Bryant (NBA, LA Lakers player) and Lionel Messi (Spanish La Liga, Fc Barcelona player)

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments …



Dec 122012

Star Wars Women Clothing (part 2)

Back in November we featured a couple of models of Star Wars Women Summer Clothing from The post had a lot of success, so we decided to take advantage of the new additions to the Star Wars line of women clothing from and present you another couple of their models. This time, because of the cold winter out there, we decided to go for some more warm pieces of clothing like … dresses and leggins!!!

So, we know you are a Star Wars fan, everybody is … But do you love it that much to wear it on your clothes? Let me know in the comments …

$99+ | BUY NOW
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Dec 032012

Ergo Spine BUG Back Protector by POC

POC is a Swedish company specialized in winter sports equipment. Their ski and snowboard protection gear is well appreciated due to the quality of the build, the ergo design as well as the high level of security offered.

After we featured their “Receptor Bug” now it’s the time to check their Spine Protector. Features:

  • Lightweight flexible back protector
  • Height adjustable
  • The back plates are made of shock absorbing polypropylene
  • Air induction system for a good efficient ventilation

What protection equipment do you use when winter “sporting”? Let me know int he comments …

$99.95 | BUY NOW – US market
£62.00 | BUY NOW – UK market
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Nov 282012

Poc Receptor Bug Winter Sports Helmet With Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones Black

There’s a lot of gadgetry going on for the winter sports lovers. From the Oakley Airwave to the Heated Shoe Insoles, from the Avalanche Backpack to the Communication Ski Goggles, the technology is more and present in the sports gear.

Here we have a beautiful combination of one of the most appreciated winter sports helmets, The Receptor Bug by Poc, with “Beats“, the high quality headphones produced by Dr. Dre.

The headphones are built into the neck toll and they feature a cord extension with a remote control built it in. The Dr Dre Beats can be used with any smartphone or MP3 player.

~$330 | BUY NOW
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Nov 272012

Converse Chuck Taylor DC Comics Edition Joker

Are you a fan of DC Comics? Do you like to wear Converse Sneakers?

If YES – today is your lucky day! Converse released under the Chuck Taylor DC Comics collection the ThunderCats models! Now you can … wear your favorite characters printed on your favorite sneakers!

Other than the ThunderCats the DC Comics collection also features Superman, Joker, Batman and many other good and evil characters printed on Converse sneakers.

If you are not sure the DC Characters sneakers are for you and you feel creative – you can also design your very own Converse model in the Converse Sneaker Builder.

$24+ | BUY NOW
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