Jul 312013

Use This Japanese Trick To Expel The Hot Air From Your Car In Seconds

It’s summer all around the world and cars tend to get unusual hot during this time of year.
Here’s a cool trick on how to expel the hot in your car in seconds.

The vid is in Japanese with Chinese subtitles. Unless you speak either of them and you get the point by watching it, here’s the most important part – the clip explains that rolling down on for your car’s front windows and opening and closing the opposite door a handful of times will cool down your car’s interior with more than 14 degrees F (that’s about 8 degrees Celsius).

Here’s the scientific explanation based on the vid’s audio translation by Reddit user binarysolo: “What we’re doing here is to help circulate air by drawing the hot air out from the opening/closing door, and causing the cool(er) air to enter the car”. I tried it and it worked for me. Let me know your results in the comments ….

Do you have any other tricks to help quickly cooling down your car’s interior air in the hot summer days? If you do so, please share them in the comments.



Jul 272013

Hyundai Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Machine
If the only thing you’re missing for your Zombie Apocalypse prep is a Zombie-Proof Vehicle, today’s your lucky day … we have your back covered!!!

Built by by the renowned car tuning shop Galpin Auto Sports for the Future US media group’s presence at San Diego 2013 Comic-Con International and based on a regular Hyundai Veloster, the Walking Dead Velostar Zombie Survival Machine is a badass Zombie killer equipped with with everything you need to make your ride through the undead as safe and pleasant as possible: horde plow front bumper, saw blade tooth front grill, chainsaws front bumper, dors base blades, rear bumper knife blades, wheel blade weaponry and all kinds of armored panels to keep you safe while taking a trip to the supermarket!!!

On the offensive side, the Veloster Zombie Survival Machine is equipped with a roof-mounted .50 cal heavy machine gun, two assault guns mounted on the hood, door flame throwers and a handy samurai sword for face-to-face encounters while outside of the car.

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Jul 252013

Hennessey Corvette C7 HPE1000 - The 1,000 HP Street Legal Road Beast!
TopGear USA said about Hennessey Performance – “Hennessey is a Texas tuning shop famous for creating Texas-sized horsepower numbers and for modifying super cars that will steal a Bugatti Veyron’s lunch money.

Just as the 2013 CTS VR1200 Cadillac we featured earlier, the Corvette HPE1000 is Hennessey’s tweaked version of the regular Corvette C7.

The Stingray comes with a twin turbo kit, forged aluminum pistons, a custom camshaft, high flow cylinder heads, forged steel crank and rods, Bremobo breaks, Penske suspension and a custom intake, exhaust and fuel system. All this upgrades make the Corvette HPE1000 delivers an amazing 1,000 bhp @ 6,300 rpm.

On the esthetically side, the Hennesey C7 can be upgraded with the CarboAero body kit which improves the car’s aerodynamics at high speeds, monoblock wheels with Michelin high-performance sport tires.,

The 1,000 HP version will set you back $67,950 over the price of the regular C7. If 1,000 HP is just too much for you, there are three lower power versions available – Twin Turbo 800 HP HPE800 ($64.950), and the Supercharged HPE700 ($18,450) and HPE600 ($12,495). All versions are street legal.

$67,950 | BUY NOW
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Jul 242013

GoodYear AMT Self-Inflating Tires
Goodyear AMT is an automatic tire pressure management system that makes sure you’re never caught off-guard by a pesky flat tire. Not only that, but the AMT also assures the tire pressure is optimal in order to help you improve your fuel economy, prolong the tread life and deliver an overall optimized performance.

The system features an internal sensor which, once it detects a lower than normal tire pressure, opens a regulator to allow air flow into a pumping tube actioned by the tire itself. Once the tire is back to it’s normal parameters, the regulator stops the pumping tube.

The technology is already “on the road” and Goodyear is in the last stages of testing before releasing the technology to the commercial fleet customers. Hopefully, everything will go as planned and we get to see this great technology on the consumer market as soon as possible.

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Jul 052013

Foldable Backpack Scooter

The Mountain monk and the Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike are great ways to transport a folding mountain bike as a backpack.
If you’re looking for something similar but more adapted for the city use, the Scooter Backpack  can provide you with easy individual transportation, while keeping the package light and small.

Designed by the Barasilian designer Gustavo Brenck, the Scooter Backpack combines a wearable backpack, a rolling luggage and a scooter in one cool backpack. The bag is made of strong polyester, features a padded laptop compartment, and the incorporated scooter allows you to quickly navigate the city.
Mounting the scooter is as easy as unzipping the backpack, removing the scooter’s end and fasten the front and back wheels.

$74.99 | BUY NOW 


Jun 152013

The Mountain Monk - The Folding Mountain Bike Designed To Be Carried As A Regular Backpack

Built in the same spirit as the Mantague Paratrooper Folding Bike, the Mountain Monk allows easy storage and easy back transportation where the terrain does not allow you to ride it.

The bike system ingeniously folds and transforms into a compact backpack which allows mountaineers to climb, walk and hike their way and freely use their both hands for other activities. The Mountain Monk not only speeds your downhill, built also pretects your health from knee, hips, shoulders and other muscle injuries.
While walking downhill, our joints have to cope with several times the amount of our own weight – the legs have to slow down the downhill movement of the body with every step. And everybody knows the consequences: tired muscles and aching knees. Walking safely is not guaranteed anymore.[…] Studies show that 67% of all mountaineers have knee troubles, followed by injured ankles, hips, shoulders or even damages to the spinal column. Taking the “Bergmönch” with you, solves these problems, as you wheel downhill, taking care of your joints.” [extracted from the Mountain Monk press-release].

Let me hear your comments below. What are your thoughts in regards of the Mountain Monk foldable bike concept? Would you use one for your downhills or you’d prefer walking your way down when mountaineering?

$1,499 | BUY NOW – US Market
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Jun 112013

Mokai ES-Kape - The Modular Jet Propelled Kayak

Here’s how Mokai present their company story “The MOKAI® watercraft idea was born from the need to provide a product that allowed fishermen, hunters and explorers a craft that granted access to those hard to reach upstream or shallow area locations. It had to be lightweight, durable, easy to transport, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

Mokay‘s latest watercraft is the ES-Kape jet propelled kayak. The ES-Kape has a modular design which allows easy transportation, storage and cleaning. The kayak is composed of 3 pieces (bow section, cockpit and stern which also includes the engine) and, based on the manufacturer, can easily be transported inside of a full size SUV when in nested configuration.

The ES-Kape is propelled by a Subaru 4 strokes engine which outputs 7hp, allows 8 hours of running on the included 3 gallon fuel tank and is available for delivery as of June 2013 for $4,800 US.

$4,800 | BUY NOW
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