Nov 082012

Bond on Set Filming Skyfall by Greg Williams

While not as comprehensive as The James Bond Archives by Paul Duncan, the Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall by Greg Williams let’s you check backstage “secrets” from the filming of the latest movie from the James Bond series – Skyfall (while already released in most Europe, Skyfall is set for release in Canada and US only on November 9th).

So … what’s your take: is the greatest savior of the planet overrated or he deserves all the buzz?

$26.31 | BUY NOW – US Market
£20.00 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Nov 062012

I do not know about you, but, here at, we are great fans of video games.

To celebrate the Assassin’s Creed III release – we decided to feature a cool game inspired Parkour (a Parkour is an obstacle course where the runner is trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible) featuring free runner Ronnie Shalvis.

Assassin’s Creed III is available for all major systems via Amazon.

Nov 042012

F1 Racing Car First Person View 360 Video

Interesting partnership between Red Bull Racing and the Norwegian Making View company to release the first spherical 360° video shot from a Formula One racing car.

Without getting too much into the technical details, the video resolution is 4K x 2K and the frame rate if of 20-25 fps.
The video shows Sebastian Buemi driving a Red Bull Racing F1 monopost at speeds over 200mph (300km/h) on the Rudskogen Motorsenter circuit in Norway.

The nice part is that you can 100% control the view. Simply click the player and use your mouse or your keyboard’s arrow keys to drag the view from the default to any position you’d like. The space bar will freeze the movie.

Try it now …. It’s too cool to resist!



Nov 012012

The James Bond Archives by Paul Duncan Hardcover

After we featured the James Bond vehicles mini set, now it’s time to continue the Bond quest!

50 years of James Bond history. Paul Duncan, the editor of The James Bond Archives spent over 2 years to compile this 50th anniversary album.

The James Bond album includes:

  • It covers ALL the James Bond movies ever made (including the 2012 Skyfall)
  • An oral story recounted by over 150 cast and crew members
  • Over 1,100 images (many of never never published)
  • Behind the scene stories and images
  • Paul Duncan had unrestricted access to the Bond Archives

SPECIAL BONUS – An original strip of film from Dr NO – only for the first print run of the book

Pre-order now for $126 on Amazon (delivery as of November 9th 2012).

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