Aug 172013

We Finally Have An Answer Michael Jordan reveals whos the Greatest
Since a couple of years ago, the is a lot of buzz on the net and a lot of debates on the sport forums who’s the greatest basketball player … Some say Jordan still holds the position … some say Lebron James already took his place… With so many fans out there and so many shared opinions who knows what the truth is.

Well … Michael Jordan took the time and recorded his take on the issue. Hit the jump and check it out … I bet you you’re not ready for the answer …


Aug 152013

Star Wars Parkour

After the Amazing Spiderman Obstacles Freerun and the Assassin’s Creed Parkour, it’s time we check a cool Star Wars parkour chase uploaded on Youtube by user ronniestreetstunts.

The athletes are impersonating Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi pulling Parkour tricks in the Goblin’s Valley, Utah State Park. While the natural track is not as spectacular as an urban track, the stunts they pull are well executed and the music is a good match for the chase.



Aug 142013

Super Modern Mario Bros Gameplay - Remake With Modern Sound and Visual Effects

Check out these cool game-play re-creations of the classic Super Mario Bros. The guys from Blumasters compiled one of the best known games in the world with modern sound and visual effects creating a stuning new Mario game-play.

Enjoy … and let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.



Aug 092013

Super Mario Bros Realistic Drawings - Super Mario

Just as my previous post about the Popeye The Sailor realistic drawings, the Mario Realistic Character drawings are are mockups of how the famous Nintendo game characters would look like in real life.

Unfortunately I was not able to trace the original artist so, if you have any info about him/her, please note it in the comments.



Aug 072013

How To Fold A Shirt In 2 Seconds Literally

Anybody who ever had to fold a shirt knows how a hassle this can be. There was an older Japanese vid showing how to do this in less than 2 seconds with only one movement (unfortunately the explanations and the subtitles were in Japanese). Happily for us, the Youtube user Dave Hax re-made the clip explaining the simple step(s) in plain English.
So here you go … check it out and get ready to fold mountains of shirts during those annoying TV commercials.



Aug 022013

Assassin's Creed Facebook Like Button Mockup

The Facebook LIKE button is one of the most recognized button designs in the world.
But … did you ever think how would a LIKE button look if you were in the virtual reality of a game? For example – how would the LIKE button look in Hitman’s World, or in Crysis, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed or God of War?
Think no longer! Brazilian graphic designer Lucas Felipe took care of it for you and created LIKE buttons for the most popular games around.

Hit the jump and enjoy! Don’t forget to visit the Facebook Page OR hit the real Facebook LIKE button at the end of the article!


Jul 312013

Use This Japanese Trick To Expel The Hot Air From Your Car In Seconds

It’s summer all around the world and cars tend to get unusual hot during this time of year.
Here’s a cool trick on how to expel the hot in your car in seconds.

The vid is in Japanese with Chinese subtitles. Unless you speak either of them and you get the point by watching it, here’s the most important part – the clip explains that rolling down on for your car’s front windows and opening and closing the opposite door a handful of times will cool down your car’s interior with more than 14 degrees F (that’s about 8 degrees Celsius).

Here’s the scientific explanation based on the vid’s audio translation by Reddit user binarysolo: “What we’re doing here is to help circulate air by drawing the hot air out from the opening/closing door, and causing the cool(er) air to enter the car”. I tried it and it worked for me. Let me know your results in the comments ….

Do you have any other tricks to help quickly cooling down your car’s interior air in the hot summer days? If you do so, please share them in the comments.



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