Feb 142014

Are You Smarter Than A Crow Check It solving An Eight Steps Puzzle And Let Me Know In The Comments
It is well know crows are intellectual stars when compared to the rest of the avian world! Here’s another cool experiment featured by BBC‘s Inside The Animal Mind show to prove that crows are intelligent, maybe one of the toughest intelligence experiments a crow has ever faced! The experiment is designed by Alex Taylor of Auckland University in new Zealand and sets up an eight -steps puzzle which requires completion of one level to be able to pass to the next one.

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Feb 132014

GreenBox - The Pizza Box That Makes You Go Wow!

Here’s how a pizza box should be like!
The guys over at Green Box invented this cool pizza box that turns into pizza plates and a smaller storage box for leftover in seconds! Only one thing to comment: “How come I didn’t think about it before?”


Feb 122014

The Real Cost Of Being Batman
Did you ever wonder how much Batman spends to protect Gotham city and it’s citizens?
Check it out – we have two quotes for you – the above vid by MovieTrailers and the below infographic from Money Supermarket. Apart the Wayne Manor (which is included in the in the infographic and not accounted for in the video) both quotes fall pretty close … we’re speaking about 80 million USD to keep Gotham citizens safe from The Penguin, The Scarecrow, The Joker, Two-face, Bane and many more …

What’s your take on Batman’s shopping spree? Let me know in the comments below …

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Feb 082014

Peregrine Falcon Stooping To Catch A Duck In Mid-Air
A while ago we featured this cool GoPro Back Mounted Camera Flying Eagle POV Recording. If you did not have a chance to watch it, make your self a favor and go check it out! It’s totally worth the 1:25 min invested!!!

Today we’re back with another amazing aerial adventure! This time Dora, a peregrine falcon wearing a back mounted camera, will stoop from the clouds to hunt a duck mid-air. Watch Dora fly around the first 2:45 min and get ready for the exciting part!



Feb 052014

Honest Slogans By Cliff Dickens - Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Sometimes advertising implies a certain level of information alteration! Obviously, it’s all done for the honorable purpose of bringing the product to the markets and assure consumers adopt it in a speedy manner.
Cliff Dickens of Honest Slogans took the time to re-work some of the most iconic American brands slogans to include some cool, funny quotes which are more or less related to the real world!
Hilarious! Nice job Cliff!



Jan 302014

How To Get A Hot Tutor Do Stuff She Wouldn't Do Otherwise ...
Now that I got your attention … Check out this cool commercial for Schneider Electric’s “Wiser” remote-controlled home management system – also check these cool commercials: CPR Can Save A Life … Here’s A Cool Way To Learn It (Only 1 min 45 sec To Get Your Degree!) and Is This The Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever???.

While promoting a boring product as home heating might be challenging for most advertising professionals out there, the French guys over Les Télécréateurs nailed this one pretty well!

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