May 272014

Coffee Break Split Sugar Bowl
Many say a good coffee tastes better if in a cool cup! I am not sure about this, but I know I love my old coffee cup and it somehow gives me a morning boost when I see it around!

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The Coffee Break we feature today is not really a coffee mug, but more an essential accessory to help you jump-start your day with a hot coffee. This cool sugar bowl is made of washer machine safe ceramic and has the shape of a coffee cup divided in two halves – one for sugar cubes and one for different sweeteners or milk.

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May 202014

3D Bullet Shaped AK Ice Tray by Mustard
When the sun beats down and you feel the need of a refreshing glass of beverage, simply pour yourself a glass of your favorite liquid, pull out your best magazine loader and load a couple of AK ice bullets to chill it down! Now you’re ready to enjoy the moment!

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The AK Ice Tray by Mustard is made of food grade PP and sports two halves. Close the halves, fill the magazine with water and place it in your freezer. In no time you’ll have 10 cool ice bullets to help you effectively defend yourself from the hot day out-there! Not even mentioning the extra cool and “head-turner” factor involved in the situation …

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May 162014

FLOTE m2 Floor Stand Or How To Use Your Tablet Hands Free!

The Flote M2 adjustable floor tablet stand is one of the best stands money can buy.
Designed by Dave Cutler of DCS Concepts, the Flote is a premium product which follows the cool stylish design of Apple gadgets, is manufactured using high quality, resistant materials such as high-grade aluminum and solid steel and allows huge versatility in positioning, so you always get the best viewing angle and ease of usage!

The Flote M2 can be adjusted to any position. Literally! The iPad cradle features a metallic ball joint which attaches to the tablet stand via a strong magnetic mechanism allowing you to rotate the tablet and fluidly adjust it’s position to any direction. More than that, the sustaining pole rotates around it’s axe to help you get easy access when sitting down or getting up from your favorite chair (simply toss it on the side and you’re ready to pass unobstructed), the “boom” (which is the piece holding the tablet cradle) can be adjusted for the perfect height and a length extension allows easy reach when the stand can not be positioned near the sitting place.
Flote M2 Adjustable Floor Tablet - iPad Cradle The sustaining pole has a curved design for easy transportation, which, given the weight of the base, is a big plus when you need to move the stand around.

I used the Flote M2 tablet floor stand for about 2 weeks now and I must confess this is a gadget I did not know I always wanted!
My first thought was: “Why use a tablet stand when you can hold your tablet in your hands” (as most people do)!
Well … this is the part I was wrong with. Using a tablet stand means comfort! Comfort to take notes when you listen to a video tutorial on your tablet, or have the whole family in that Skype video chat (without constantly tweaking the tablet position so everyone fits in), or holding the kid in your arms when watching cartoons, or playing Candy Crash without Max the Kitten all over the tablet (yeap … that’s him, Mr Curiosity, in the user pics below), or cooking a cool recipe from the iPad without fearing flour or water damage, or fixing something by following a Youtube tutorial, or watching live sports on the tablet while still being able to manipulate the remote controller and the smartphone at the same time (yeap … I do that from time to time!!!)!
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you can’t do any of the above without a tablet stand, I’m just saying it’s so easier to do them with the Flote M2. And I did not even imagine it before trying it!

Check out the picture gallery in the post for more details and close-up images as well as the video for a full 8 minutes hands-on review which describes all the Flote M2 features and how easy it mounts. For more information about the tablet stand or to buy one check the manufacturer site or their Amazon listing.

Also, if you’re in the market for a tablet stand but you’re looking for something smaller, more office-compatible, please check the Flote Desktop ($219.99 US) and the Flote Orbit ($129.99 US) from the same manufacturer and take advantage of a cool 10% OFF for Mother’s Month Sale (use coupon code MOMSTHEBEST to activate the discount).

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May 152014

Leveraxe Or How To Chop Wood Easier And Quicker
Choping wood is not an easy task. You need to be strong and master the technique to be able to do a good job. As for the axe, not much happened to improve it over the past few hundreds of years, so chopping wood in the 21st century it’s pretty much the same as people were doing it back in the 16th century!

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That was until now! Thank to Finish inventor Heikki Kärnä the good, ol’ wood chopping axe finally passed into the 21st century! The LeverAxe exploits physics findings to make chopping easier and more efficient. While a classic axe has a centered gravity center and works by passing momentum to split the wood log, the LeverAxe has a side positioned gravity center which allows it to act more as a lever to split wood. When the LeverAxe hits the log, the kinetic energy given by the side-positioned gravity center as well as the curved shape of the cutting edge force the axe head to split apart the wood logs. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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May 082014

ALYT Or How To Turn Your House Into A Self-Learning Smart And Secure Home
Remember the Jetsons? I was always amazed by how automated and technologically-infused was their home and I always wanted to have a such home “when I grow up”. Well … years passed, I grew up and I have my own home. But guess what! Other than small techy stuff and some gadgets which try “cooperate” with each other, nothing impressive around!

This is one of the main reasons the ALYT got my attention! While it will surely not transform you into George Jetson, nor will bring Rosie and Astro the Dog to your bellowed home, the ALYT can do a lot of things to automate stuff around and secure your home. And … did I tell you it learns by itself from your habits? How cool is that?

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The ALYT is an Android powered hub which can do anything as long as a developer creates an app for it! It can be controlled via Android smartphones and iPhone, works over IR, DLNA, WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, Z-Wave, 3.5G, can do face and voice recognition … just about anything you can think of … as long as there’s an app for it!!!
Here are some cool example of what it’s already capable of doing: alert you when you run out of milk, let you know to take your umbrella or your sunglasses when you leave home, make sure your alarm system is ON, set the right temperature for when you get home (yeap … it turns on the AC, the heating or even the fireplace if needed).

The ALYT is in project mode over at Indiegogo (they have already received over 67k in donations towards their 100k goal) and you can secure a home automation kit starting as low as $99 US. There are multiple automation and security kits available for various needs – hit the jump, check them out and, if you like them, help the guys from ALYT make Jetson’s home come true …

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Apr 222014

Dual Jet Bath Spa Or How To Convert Your Bathtub Into A Jacuzzi On The Cheap

Here’s a cool question a friend of mine asked me today: “Wouldn’t be nice if I could enjoy a spa session right in the comfort of my own bathtub?”.
Well, obviously that would be fun, so here’s one of the cheapest ways around to achieve that … The Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa – simply hang it over the side of your bathtub and you’re set for that spa session you were looking for!

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The Dual Jet Spa attaches to your tub with suction cups, sports an ON/OFF button and two adjustable nozzles which allow you to direct its powerful water jets for better relaxation!

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Apr 212014

AngelBlocks Or How To Raise You Home's Intelligence!
Intelligent homes are no longer a science fiction “thing” of the future! While some automation solutions are already on the market (think about the Belkin Wemo, the Tempo Smart Temperature Monitor or the iSmart Alarm), the AngelBlocks bring you amazing new possibilities and literally take your house to the 21st century!

There are a variety of sensors available (motion, door and window opening and closing, temperature, light, temperature, humidity, sound, soil moisture, smoke and so on …) which can monitor almost every aspect of your home, and, based on pre-defined triggers, they take action in your behalf. The device can send you notifications via phone calls, SMS, smartphone apps or even Facebook, can lock/unlock doors, plug/unplug electric devices, automatically send pics and videos of your home to your mobile device, interact with security system and garage doors, turn ON/OFF the lights and control the water!

Impressive! An unlimited world of choices and actions designed around the simplest principle of automation: “If THIS, than THAT”!

The AngelBlocks are in project mode at Kickstarter and you can secure a starter kit for as low as $60. Estimated delivery: September 2014.

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