Aug 012014

Funnell, The Ejectable Jacket Backpack
Walking and bike riding don’t have much in common with rain.
While enjoying a quick walk or riding your bike to work it’s super fun, sometimes mother nature is set to ruin your pleasure!

For those times, and not only, check out the new Funnell Ejectable Jacket Backpack. As the name says it, the Funnell is a cool backpack that incorporates a rain jacket. Simply pull the two ejection pullers situated on the shoulder straps and you’re ready to continue your walk and stay dry in the rain. Check the video for a quick demo!

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The Funnell backpack is large enough to allow you carry your daily essentials and gadgets, including your laptop or tablet. The rain jacket is made of high performance breathable fabric (same type of fabric as the one used by North Face and Columbia on their top rain jacket models) and is completely waterproof.
The Funnell is in project mode at Kickstarter with customer delivery set for November 2014.

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Jul 312014

Official Star Wars R2D2 & R2Q5 Salt and Pepper Shakers
Spice up your kitchen with the Officially Star Wars Licensed R2D2 & R2Q5 Cruet Set!
R2D2 is the salt master and R2Q5 is in charge of the pepper!

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These cute salt and pepper mills are made of molded ceramics, feature accurate droid detailing based on the Star Wars saga, measure 4in in height (that’s about 10 centimeters) and sport a removable base bung for easy refiling.

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Jul 302014

Iron Man Airbrushed Motorcycle helmet
The Iron Man motorcycle helmet is designed help you impersonate your favorite superhero and ride the wind just like he does! The guys behind Raider’s DNA, the manufacturer of the Iron Man helmet, did a great job realistically airbrushing all details on the helmet. The only thing missing is Jarvis …

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The model is based on a HCJ, SPARX, LS2, Real or KBC helmet brand (no exact info which brand is used for the particular Iron Man model) and is DOT, SNELL and ECE-R 22 (European Standards) approved.

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Jul 292014

FUUT Desk Feet Hammock
The FUUT desk rest hammock is a very cool concept that allows you to improve your working position and rest your tired feet while getting things done.
The feet hammock is made of strong cotton, comes with steel hooks that attach to the sides of your desk, adjustable polyethylene ropes which allow hammock height adjustment and comes in 6 different colors.

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Jul 282014

Mad Max Fury Road - Official Trailer
Scheduled to be released in May 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road is set to bring a “new interpretation” of the classic franchise.
The movie, which is “almost a continuous chase” stars big names in the movie industry: George Miller as main director, Tom Hardy takes over the role from Mel Gibson as well as Charlize Theron, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Zoe Kravitz, Nicholas Hoult, Nathan Jones and Riley Keough.

Check out the trailer and let me know your comments below.

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    Jul 262014

    Cool Commercials
    Here’s a cool collection of funny advertising clips. 7 minutes of joy and amusement!

    The video was uploaded to Youtube back in 2008, so the featured adverts are a bit older … but they’re still amazingly funny and pack a lot of punch … especially number 2!


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