Apr 232014

Twelve South BookArc Möd - Stylish MacBook Wooden Vertical Stand
The Twelve South BookArc Möd was designed to be a vertical stand for your MacBook.
Why? Well … because it simply looks cool on your desk. Among the few practical advantages of the BookArc are saving some desk space and hiding the charger and external screen cables. Is that enough added value for the paid price? That’s up to you, but I can only tell you one thing … this baby looks cool!

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Apr 232014

Nokia 3310 Inspired iPhone 5 Snap-On Case
Nostalgic for the ’90s? Do you miss the simplicity, the cool look (and of course City Bird) of your old Nokia 3310, but you’re not ready to give up your iPhone and go back in “phone time”? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Simply grab a retro Nokia snap-on iPhone 5 case and you get the best of both worlds – the cool looks of the world’s best sold cell phone ever and the power of the latest iPhone! How cool is this?

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Apr 232014

Lytro Illum Full Light Field Camera
A while back we featured the cool Lytro camera designed to capture multiple light fields and, once the picture was taken, allowed you to refocus on various parts of the picture without loss of image quality. Today, we get to take a look at it’s younger brother – the Lytro Illum which takes the concept even further by capturing the whole light field and giving the user the power explore the pictures from different perspectives, focal points and dimensions.

The camera allows full on-device editing, features a 4″ touchscreen for easy setup and picture manipulation, an 8X optical zoom and comes with it’s own desktop editing software to let you get even more creative with your shots.

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Apr 222014

Brabus 800 iBusiness For Mercedes-Benz AMG G65
Here’s a cool toy for the business man on road!
And if you bellowed partner was always against getting that G-Class you’re looking after in magazines and TV shows, now you have the best excuse ever – the Brabus 800 iBusiness For Mercedes-Benz AMG G65! I know, I know, that’s a long name, but stay cool and check out how this beast can improve your productivity (sure, yeah!)!

The Brabus 800 for AMG 65 packs a 6-liter V-12 engine which outputs 800 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of electronically-limited torque allowing you to reach 60mph (100 KM/h) in 4.2 seconds! Imagine that! You’re driving a 3.2 tons behemoth and you’re street racing Ferraris and Porsches! How’s that for a business car?

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Other than the obvious high performance technical specs, the Brabus 800 AMG G65 packs a full line of Apple devices integrated into the car’s interior. The entertainment system is controlled via an iPhone app which also allows you to interact with the rest of the Apple on-board network – the Mac Mini, the Apple TV, the iPad, the iPod and the high-speed modem and WLAN (this last feature will help you to justify the 500k price tag by being a business vehicle investment!!!)

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Apr 222014

Dual Jet Bath Spa Or How To Convert Your Bathtub Into A Jacuzzi On The Cheap

Here’s a cool question a friend of mine asked me today: “Wouldn’t be nice if I could enjoy a spa session right in the comfort of my own bathtub?”.
Well, obviously that would be fun, so here’s one of the cheapest ways around to achieve that … The Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa – simply hang it over the side of your bathtub and you’re set for that spa session you were looking for!

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The Dual Jet Spa attaches to your tub with suction cups, sports an ON/OFF button and two adjustable nozzles which allow you to direct its powerful water jets for better relaxation!

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Apr 212014

AngelBlocks Or How To Raise You Home's Intelligence!
Intelligent homes are no longer a science fiction “thing” of the future! While some automation solutions are already on the market (think about the Belkin Wemo, the Tempo Smart Temperature Monitor or the iSmart Alarm), the AngelBlocks bring you amazing new possibilities and literally take your house to the 21st century!

There are a variety of sensors available (motion, door and window opening and closing, temperature, light, temperature, humidity, sound, soil moisture, smoke and so on …) which can monitor almost every aspect of your home, and, based on pre-defined triggers, they take action in your behalf. The device can send you notifications via phone calls, SMS, smartphone apps or even Facebook, can lock/unlock doors, plug/unplug electric devices, automatically send pics and videos of your home to your mobile device, interact with security system and garage doors, turn ON/OFF the lights and control the water!

Impressive! An unlimited world of choices and actions designed around the simplest principle of automation: “If THIS, than THAT”!

The AngelBlocks are in project mode at Kickstarter and you can secure a starter kit for as low as $60. Estimated delivery: September 2014.

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Apr 202014

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